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2010 Chrysler 300C hp & torque

How fast can a 2010 Chrysler 300C drive?

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2010 Chrysler 300C Horsepower

300S V8 4dr Rear-wheel Drive Sedan

Horsepower - 360 hp

It is the metric used to indicate the power produced by a Chrysler 300C engine, it means the power of your car.

Horsepower rpm - no data

It is a parameter that shows the number of engine crankshaft revolutions at which the maximum power (number of horsepower) is reached.

Torque - 389 Lb-Ft

Torque, simply, is the ability of a vehicle to perform work.

Torque rpm - no data

It is a parameter that shows the number of engine crankshaft revolutions at which the maximum torque is reached.

0-60mph 0-100kmh s - 6.2 sec

This parameter shows how long it takes to accelerate the vehicle from a standing position to 60 mph (Which is equal to 100 kmh).

1/4 mile time - 14.6 sec

It is a time it takes a car to travel a 1/4 mile.

1/4mile speed - 96 mph

It is the maximum speed the car can reach on a 1/4 mile section.

Curb weight - 4046 lb

It is the weight of the vehicle without any passenger or items in it except for the standard equipment that comes with it.

Hemi 4dr Rear-wheel Drive Sedan

SRT8 4dr Rear-wheel Drive Sedan

Base 4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan

Determining 2010 Chrysler 300C maximum Horsepower & Torque

The horsepower (hp) of your 2010 Chrysler 300C reveals the energy that its engine generates along with its acceleration. The specification that typically is stated as well as horsepower is torque – the rotational force of the 2010 Chrysler 300C. For any car owner, horsepower shows how quickly a car can go, while torque shows how quickly it can accelerate to an increased speed. The torque number expands with the bodyweight of your car.

By definition, 1 horsepower displaces 1lb 33,000 feet. in just one min, or 33,000 ft.-lb./minutes. This is actually the interrelation involving the two parameters: Horsepower = Torque Ч Rotational Speed/5,252, so the greater the torque, the higher the horsepower is. As soon as you know any two of the three variables, you can find the missing out on one particular. Or use on the web calculators. Keep in mind that the larger the horsepower of a motor vehicle, the greater gasoline it consumes. There is no any kind of restrictions on horsepower in America, while most powerful cars feature over 1,400 hp. Horsepower and torque may differ coming from a car's model and year of production. You can find 2010 Chrysler 300C specifications from the graphs below or perhaps within your manual.


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